Unity Baptist Church
Saturday, August 19, 2017
Anthony, Florida


Within the modern church musical preferences have given rise to much dialogue and subsequent controversy. In some settings it would seem that the music, or the controversy surrounding music, has completely overtaken the House of God. Nevertheless, here's what we do know: music is a very important element of the worship experience at Unity Baptist Church. In following the biblical pattern of worship we remain dedicated to congregational participation through the singing of hymns and spiritual songs that are both scripturally sound and, of course, singable! Further, we remain dedicated to the preeminence of the Word of God in our worship and to the proclamation of the Word as being one of the primary reasons we gather for worship. 
For millennia the church has used foundational instruments to reinforce and strengthen congregational singing.  Although there is nothing more sacred than the human voice raised in humble adoration to the Lord, we are fortunate to have our voices accompanied by classical organ, piano and a full compliment of beautifully articulated percussion. Additionally, our skillfully trained musicians form a harmonious ensemble as they play their respective instruments not only for the purpose of foundational singing but also to accompany our Sanctuary Choir and vocalists. The warmth and fidelity of live music remains unparalleled in the worship environment as it permits God's people to exercise their gifts and talents unto the Lord bringing glory to Him. Therefore, recorded music or "canned" as some folks often refer to it, is used judiciously. 
Throughout the year we give special emphasis to the seasons and feature children's choirs, pageants, and choral musical programs. UBC also is blessed to have a Handbell Choir ringing three full octaves of Malmark hand-crafted bells. 
Lastly, we love to sing gospel songs, choruses and favorite hymns of both  past and present genre. Sunday evenings, Wednesday evenings, and our Fifth Sunday Songfest's feature a lot of this type of music, especially many of the gospel favorites accompanied by guitar and other instruments.