Unity Baptist Church
Saturday, August 19, 2017
Anthony, Florida


     Acts: The Reality of the Kingdom: Saul: The Persecutor
     Acts 8:1-3
     I. Who was Saul of Tarsus?
     II. Havoc Upon the Church
     III. Devoted to Religion/Ignorant in Unbelief
     IV. Wind and Seeds
     Acts: The Reality of the Kingdom: Stephen: A Man Full of Faith and of the Spirit
     Acts 6: 8-15
     I. Who was Stephen?
     II. What was Stephen doing among the people?
     III. What was the reaction of the Hellenistic Jews?
     IV. Stephen's countenance: The radiant Glory of God

     Acts: The Reality of the Kingdom: The Organization of the Church
     Acts 6:1-7
     I. When Structure and Ministry Conflict
     II. Qualifications
     III. Prayer, Study, and Ministering the Word
     IV. Ordained to Serve
     Acts: The Reality of the Kingdom: Proclaiming the Whole Counsel of God
     Acts 5:17-39
     I. The Conflict Between the Living Truth and Dead Tradition
     II. Preach the Word
     III. Steadfast and Obedient
     IV. Partaking in the Humility of Christ
     Acts: The Reality of the Kingdom: The Lord Answers the Apostles Prayer
     Acts 5:12-16
     I. The Church: United, Regarded and Growing
     II. The Apostles' Prayer Answered
     III. The Lord's Promise Fulfilled
     Acts: The Reality of the Kingdom: When Deception Turns Deadly
     Acts 4:31-5:11
          I. Unified in Purpose
          II. Facades & Fake Faces
          III. Pride, Position, & Power
          IV. Sin Unto Death
     Acts: The Reality of the Kingdom: Obedience leads to Boldness
           I. Christo-centricity
          II. Faithful Duty
          III. The Attribute of Boldness     
          IV. God's Sovereign Purposes
     Acts: The Reality of the Kingdom: By What Power and By What Name?
           I. Religious Opposition
          II. Whose Authority?
          III. No Other Name